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Drip irrigation

The water wise alternative to hand held watering

Drip irrigationThe sound of water dripping is something a municipal water supplier does not want to hear. In response to water shortages due to the lack of rain many water suppliers are forced to impose water use restrictions. In this case, drip is a whole new definition for water conservation in the landscape.

  • Drip irrigation or low flow irrigation systems are a new wave of providing measured amounts of water directly to the soil surface at the base of a plant.
  • Drip irrigation continues to evolve as new technology in plastic molding has allowed precision emitters to drip as low as one quarter gallon per hour.
  • Drip irrigation minimizes water loss to overhead evaporation.
  • Drip systems can be used for annual beds.

The dilemma for homeowners and businesses that have thousands invested in their landscape is how do I protect my landscaping investment during these times?

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