About Us

The Massachusetts Nursery & Landscape Association, Inc. (MNLA) is a statewide association dedicated to advancing the interests of green industry professionals.

MNLA is a nonprofit organization whose members are businesses and individuals committed to promoting awareness of environmental horticulture and upholding the highest standards of the nursery and landscape industry. MNLA is the largest green industry business development vehicle in Massachusetts, providing its members with educational opportunities, industry news, legislative representation, and business development resources. First established in 1910, MNLA has represented the needs of nursery and landscape professionals for more than 100 years.

  • MNLA members work to promote the environmental well-being of our state as well as the highest levels of business ethics within their profession.
  • The Green Industry keeps Massachusetts growing green with a total economic impact of $5.2 billion and growing!


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The green industry is a dynamic community made up of folks from all walks of life.

Passion for the betterment of our community is what drives member participation in MNLA. Sometimes participation means trying something new and unknown. However, just showing up can make the difference in so many ways. Members who are involved are truly thoughtful creative people who love what they do. Colleagues are eager to share advice, challenges, and insights. They share their time and energy freely. That makes one realize what an awesome industry we are in.

Living life is all about participation. The rewards almost always outweigh the risks. We are all in this together. We are stronger together. MNLA makes it happen.


massachusetts landscaping education

It’s always nice to give back. It’s a bonus when we can mentor and help someone in our industry.

Many members are humble enough to crave knowledge and really want to learn. They often gain the confidence to turn around and teach others what they know and are often the best teachers.

MNLA strives to educate, inform and empower members. What also sets MNLA apart from other organizations is our commitment to the MCH program. When an MCH is hired as a contractor or an employee, you know they are current on the latest and greatest information that our industry has to offer.

Many of us can look back to see where those who came before were invaluable. This is especially true for younger people just starting out—to be a listening ear or to give an encouraging word can make such a difference. This is the truest expression of “paying it forward.”


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Teamwork is when individuals play a role to accomplish a certain outcome or end product.

This organization—the board and all of the members—truly embody the concept of giving back. Many MNLA members contribute their time by participating on various committees. It is impressive to see how hard volunteers work to ensure the support of MNLA events. And many members make a contribution by simply showing up to support those programs and events.

Our industry is always changing. Access to cutting-edge speakers and up-to-date information is one of the greatest assets of being part of MNLA. Individual contributions of time or money are key to our success as an organization. Join a committee. Volunteer at an event. Earn CEUs while making our industry better. Get involved!

Partner programs

Plant Something MA

consumers planting something

Plant Something MA is a project of MNLA which includes professional environmental horticulturists—people who grow, care for, design and install plantings and landscapes in your community.

Growing Wild

Growing WIld: native plants in massachusetts

Growing Wild helps reverse the loss of biological diversity, foster and protect endangered species and add to the natural beauty of our Commonwealth—right in your own backyard.

Not an MNLA member?

annual meeting of the Massachusetts nursery and landscape association

There are many reasons to join MNLA.

MNLA provides access to green industry speakers on the cutting-edge and up-to-date information. Our dynamic community is made up of folks from all walks of life. Colleagues share advice and insights. Passion for the betterment of our community drives member participation in MNLA. Individual contribution is valued. Get involved! Join a committee or volunteer at an event. Make our industry—and your business—better!

annual meeting of the Massachusetts nursery and landscape association