Board of Directors

MNLA Board Officers

Kerry Preston, MCH, MNLA president

Kerry Preston, MCH
Wisteria & Rose, Inc.

David Vetelino, MCH, MNLA vice president

Vice President
David Vetelino, MCH
Vetelino Landscape, Inc.

David Anderson, MNLA secretary/treasurer

David Anderson
Mayer Tree Service

Chris O'Brien, MCH, MNLA past president

Past President
Chris O’Brien, MCH
Howard Designs, Inc.

2020–2023   Peter Mezitt, MCH

2018–2020   Timothy Hay, MCH

2016–2018   Jim Stucchi, MCH

2015–2016   Tim Lomasney

2013–2015  Mary Jesch

2012–2013  James Connolly, MCH

2011–2012  Christopher Kennedy, MCH

2010–2011  Mark Sawyer, MCH

2009–2010  Thomas Bradley, MCH

2007–2009  Michelle Harvey, MCH

2005–2007  Jeffrey Willman, MCH

2003–2005  John Lebeaux, MCH

2001–2003  Bonnie Tucker L’Etoile

2000–2001  James McBratney, MCH

1999–2000  Stephen Corrigan, MCH

1998–1999  Mark Ahronian, MCH

1997–1998  Thomas Strangfeld, MCH

1996–1997  Patricia Bigelow, MCH

1995–1996  James F. McManus, MCH

1994–1995  Gregory Georgaklis

1993–1994  John M. Bardzik, MCH

1991–1992  Randolph E. Wright, MCH

1989–1990  Paul J. Shea, MCH

1987–1988  Richard W. Bemis, MCH

1985–1986  Peter R. Cook

1983–1984  Robert J. Kennedy

1981–1982  James K. Stewart

1979–1980  Neil J. Van Sloun

1976–1978  R. Wayne Mezitt, MCH

1974–1975  Reuben E. Lebeaux

1972–1973  Paul J. Mahoney, MCH

1970–1971  Dennis M. Dowd

1968–1969  Charles A. Godin

1966–1967  H. Harvey Jackson, Jr.

1964–1965  Umberto P. Motroni

1962–1963  Edmund V. Mezitt

1960–1961  Clifford D. Corliss, Jr.

1958–1959  Willard M. Bond

1956–1957  Frank T. White

1954–1955  Harold C. Atwater

1952–1953  Harold D. Stevenson

1950–1951  Homer K. Dodge

1948–1949  Luke C. May

1946–1947  Marinus Vander Pol

1945  George Fellows

1944  Seth L. Kelsey

1943  Clifford D. Corliss

1942  Winthrop H. Thurlow

1940–1941  Cornelius Van Tol

1938–1939  Lloyd A. Hathaway

1934–1937  Willaim N. Craig

1933  Victor Heurlin

1932  Harlan P. Kelsey

1931  George Johnson

1930  Robert F. Cross

1929  J. J. McManmon

1928  Paul Baumann

1927  Sheldon Robinson

1926  Edward Borst

1925  Richard M. Wyman

1923–1924  Christian Van der Voet

1922  Sheldon Robinson

1921  Julius Heurlin

1920  Walton Wyman

1919  George C. Thurlow

1918  John Kirkegard

1917  E. W. Breed

1916  G. Howard Frost

1915  Charles Adams

1914  Charles R. Fish

1910–1913  Windsor H. Wyman


Kelly Perry, MCH

Kelly Perry, MCH
Swan Point Cemetery

MNLA Director Steve Davis, MCH Bigelow Nurseries, Inc. 

Steve Davis, MCH
Bigelow Nurseries, Inc. 

MNLA Director Justin Mortensen Farm Credit East

Justin Mortensen
Farm Credit East

MNLA Director Patrick Parent Mahoney's Garden Center

Patrick Parent
Mahoney’s Garden Center

Laura DiCarlo

Laura DiCarlo, MCH
Cavicchio Greenhouses, Inc. 

Partner programs

Plant Something MA

consumers planting something

Plant Something MA is a project of MNLA which includes professional environmental horticulturists—people who grow, care for, design and install plantings and landscapes in your community.

Growing Wild

Growing WIld: native plants in massachusetts

Growing Wild helps reverse the loss of biological diversity, foster and protect endangered species and add to the natural beauty of our Commonwealth—right in your own backyard.

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annual meeting of the Massachusetts nursery and landscape association

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annual meeting of the Massachusetts nursery and landscape association