President’s Award

MNLA annual President's award

A special award given by the MNLA President in appreciation for dedication and outstanding service within the association on behalf of the nursery and landscape industry.

The following are the recipients of the President’s Award which began in 1999.

2019  Philip Boucher, MCH — Elysian Garden Design
2017  Christopher O’Brien, MCH — Howard Designs
2016  Northeast Nursery, Inc.
2015  Timothy Hay, MCH — Bigelow Nurseries, Inc.
2014  Michelle Harvey, MCH — Lakeview Nurseries, Inc.
2013  Henry Gillet — HSG Associates
2012  Cheryl Salatino, MCH — Dancing Shadows Garden Designs
2011  Karen Howard, MCH — Howard Designs
2010  Rena M. Sumner — MNLA Executive Director
2010  Jeffrey Willman, MCH — Bigelow Nurseries, Inc.
2007  Mark Ahronian, MCH — Ahronian Landscape & Design, Inc.
2006  R . Wayne Mezitt, MCH — Weston Nurseries, Inc.
2006  Patricia Bigelow, MCH — Bigelow Nurseries
2005  Karen Howard, MCH — Howard Designs
2004  Mark Sawyer, MCH — Weston Nurseries, Inc.
2003  Phillip Boucher, MCH — Tranquil Lake Nursery
2002  Christopher Kennedy, MCH — Kennedy’s Country Gardens, Inc.
2001  Tom Strangfeld, MNLA Past President — Weston Nurseries, Inc.
2000  Kevin Hollister, MCH — Hilltop Horticulture
1999  Mark Sawyer, MCH — Weston Nurseries, Inc.

Young Nursery Professionals of the Year Award

MNLA annual Young Nursery Professional of the Year award

The Young Nursery Professional of the Year is an annual award established by the New England Nursery Association. Its purpose is to reward, to honor and to encourage participation, achievement and growth by an individual who is involved in a related horticultural industry and has not reached the age of 40 years, who has shown involvement in his or her state and/or regional nursery association, who have contributed to the growth and success of their company of employment and who has portrayed an image to the public of what our products and services can do for them.

The selection of Young Nursery Professional of the Year is made by the appropriate leaders within the individual state nursery association.

2020  Corrine Jean, MCH — Wisteria & Rose
2017  Steve Davis, MCH — Bigelow Nurseries
2014  Jeffrey Meola, MCH — Weston Nurseries, Inc.
2013  David Ahronian, MCH — Ahronian Landscape & Design, Inc.
2012  Aime Jakubowitz Sund, MCH — Wheat Landscape Gardening and Design
2011  Kenneth Roth, MCH — Northeast Nursery, Inc.
2010  Joseph Sokol — Fourth Generation Nurseries, Inc.
2008  Geoff Uva, MCH — Bigelow Nurseries, Inc.
2007  Richard Bursch, MCH — Lakeview Nurseries
2006  Christopher Kennedy, MCH — Kennedy’s Country Gardens, Inc.
2005  Kelly Perry, MCH — Sylvan Nursery, Inc.
2004  Jim Stucchi, MCH — Ahronian Landscape and Design
2003  Tim Hay, MCH — Bigelow Nuseries, Inc.
2002  Skott Rebello, MCH — Harborside P .S.
2001  Michael Maneri, MCH — Weston Nurseries, Inc.
2000  Mark Sawyer, MCH — Weston Nurseries, Inc.
1999  Steve Radzik, MCH — Bigelow Nurseries, Inc.
1998  Jeff Willman, MCH — Bigelow Nurseries, Inc.
1997  Michelle Harvey, MCH — Lakeview Nurseries
1996  Joshua Wright, MCH — Garden Craft, Inc.
1995  Mark Ahronian, MCH — Ahronian Landscaping & Design, Inc.
1994  Ralph Peckham — Lovell’s Nursery & Garden Center
1993  Greg Georgaklis, MCH — Gold Star Wholesale Nursery
1992  Charles H MacKinnon, MCH — Bigelow Nurseries, Inc.
1991  Phil Barber — Tarnow Nursery
1990  Peter Quinlan — Quinlans Nursery
1989  Jim McBratney, MCH — Sylvan Nursery, Inc.

Environmental Leadership Award

MNLA annual Environmental Leadership award

The Massachusetts Nursery and Landscape Association, Inc. is dedicated to helping the citizens of the Commonwealth, plan, develop and maintain the private and public landscapes of Massachusetts. It has always been our goal to provide this service to the public in a manner consistent with sound environmental practices. We recognize that a partnership with the governmental, educational and environmental communities is the most effective way to achieve that goal. The Massachusetts Nursery and Landscape Association’s Environmental Leadership Award established in recognizes individuals who have consistently provided informed leadership in dealing with complex environmental issues.

The following individuals were selected for their wisdom, impartiality and willingness to make difficult decisions that have quietly contributed to the quality of life of each citizen of the Commonwealth. 

2022 Ed Bemis, MCH, Bemis Farms Nursery
2021  Senator Karen E. Spilka
2019  Representative Robert DeLeo
2018  Governor, Charles Baker
2017  Commissioner, John Lebeaux, MCH
2016  Representative John Scibak
2015  Representative Paul A. Schmid, III
2014  Senator Jennifer Flanagan
2013  Representative Christopher Markey
2012  Representative John Fernandes
2011  Representative Carolyn Dykema
2010  Representative Sarah Peake Commissioner, Scott Soares, MA Department of Agricultural Resources
2009  Senator Michael Knapik Representative Anne Gobi
2008  Representative Frank I. Smizik Assistant Attorney General, Robert W. Ritchie
2007  Senator Pamela Resor Representative Vinny deMacedo
2006  Representative Daniel Bosley / Brad Mitchell, Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources
2005  Attorney General Thomas Riley
2004  Senator Therese Murray / Representative Anthony Verga / Representative Edward Connolly
2003  Senator Bruce Tarr / Representative Michael Rodrigues / Dr. Allen Barker, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
2002  Senator Stanley Rosenberg / Representative John Quinn / Gerald Peters, Norfolk Agricultural High School
2001  Senator Stephen Brewer / Representative George Peterson / Dr. Daniel Plourde, Pioneer Valley Educational Collaborative
2000  Senator Robert Antonioni / Representative William Straus / Deborah Swanson, UMass Extension Plymouth
1999  Senator Susan Fargo / Representative Steve Kulik / Ron Kujawski, UMass Extension Educator
1998  Senator Robert Durand / Representative Barbara Gardner / Kathleen Carroll, UMass Extension Amherst

Partner programs

Plant Something MA

consumers planting something

Plant Something MA is a project of MNLA which includes professional environmental horticulturists—people who grow, care for, design and install plantings and landscapes in your community.

Growing Wild

Growing WIld: native plants in massachusetts

Growing Wild helps reverse the loss of biological diversity, foster and protect endangered species and add to the natural beauty of our Commonwealth—right in your own backyard.

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